Misabi Adventure Company
Activities and Retreats

All our activities are ecologically sound. Your activities are entirely yours to choose. Activity arrangements and details will be expertly taken care of by your guide.

For the Contemplative Vacationer

Bring along your IPod and several books to relax at your campsite with, or choose to explore the easiest and most accessible of Temagami's scenic land and water routes. The choice of how you spend your time is up to you.

Taking photos is encouraged. The landscape, reminiscent of the art of Canada's famed Group of Seven, is particularly photogenic.

Packing a book or two on identifying birds, and native plants and animals is also recommended. Don't forget your binoculars.

You may snap a photo of an unsuspecting loon, beaver, or even moose. But we'll stay at a good distance from bears and wolves! Although capturing a wolf on film may not be possible, you might just be able to record the mesmerizing howling of a pack, who nightly raise their voices between dusk and midnight.

For the Adventuresome

Hiking and water excursions on kayak or canoe, from a few hours to an overnight trip, await those who crave activity.

For those interested in native-inspired activities, Misabi Adventure Company also offers a Sweat Lodge experience. A native tradition that purifies the spirit and the body, this experience can have profound spiritual significance. It undoubtedly connects the past with the present, and some say, the present with the future. Led by Alex Mathias, all are welcome. (The sauna-like experience is not recommended for expectant mothers.)

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