Misabi Adventure Company
About Us

The Misabi Adventure Company offers fully guided Glamorous Camping Trips on Crown land in Temagami, which is about 100 miles north of North Bay.

By the way, Misabi is a family name, and the name of the aboriginal family that will be involved in your adventure, and that has lived in the environs for hundreds of years.

Our campsites are located on Lake Obabika. A truly pristine lake of potable water, its 22 mile length is thoughtfully protected by the Misabi Family and the Friends of Temagami.

Kim Cowan, the instigator of your adventure, has long tramped and paddled his way over the wilderness that is Temagami, and long dreamed of sharing his respect for its history, and deep affection for its primal beauty. And he has found a way to immerse others in this singular experience.

Kim's devotion to this rugged land is expressed by his rile as a member of The Friends of Temagami, and his current role as advisor to the Board at EathRoots.

You can Leave Us a Message from our Main Page if you require more information.

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